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texas_trio's Journal

The Texas Trio
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Oh hell yeah! The infamous Texas Trio has their own community...

Who might they be, you ask? Well let me tell you!

The Texas Trio consists of 3 of the best friends in the world... kasio, soni, and dvs.

kasio and dvs have known each other since first grade... 16 years! They met soni in 8th grade and quickly became close friends. High school seperated us, and we each took our own difficult paths for many years before getting back together... tight as ever.

Now we're all back in Texas, though in different cities. We make a point to visit one another often, and keep in touch through AIM, Y! Messenger, email, LJ, and phone.

We've quickly becomes an infamous trio here on LJ -evil grin-... cant have one without the rest!

If our eyes ever fall upon you, be afraid... be very afraid -dvs grin-

I love you girls! :)

~ dvs