and his name, Death.. and hell rode with him (thatdamngood) wrote in texas_trio,
and his name, Death.. and hell rode with him

i've just made saturday my day to post in all my communities

soooo howdy to the ladies of the trio.. all three of them sexy as can be... yes i am sucking up to trio...
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keep sucking baby!;)
man if you combine your reply with my post in hookas then shit gets really freaky and perverted...

but as i was saying, the trio consist of the ultra loely kasio who i am sure will keep us all in stiches with her many off color jokes..
well, i'm not as good telling them as I am doing the copy and paste thing! so don't expect to many in person! :) good sense of humor but baaaad joke teller. I always tend to forget the punch line. Go figure!
LOL so you're a little absent minded
on occasion!:\
eh you're still cool in my book
suck away...i ain't complainin [wink]
lofl... you tart you..
tehehe what flavor? [grin]
hmmm.. i dunno... me personally i like strawberry... which would you prefer
cherry of course [grin]
you are bad....
soo bad...
you cherry tart...
do you flirt like this with everyone
not everyone
only the peops i like men and women alike
i don't like that many people i
if i don't like you then i just don't talk to ya
unless you piss me off
then i usually have alot to say
ohh so its either you want me... or you want to kill me
in short yes [grin]
oh good... i'll bring my bulletproof vest
okay maybe im not bein fair � lol! either i like ya, dislike ya (in which case you won't hear from me unless you fuck with me or my friends), or you just don't matter much to me either way (in which i talk to you when its necessary). im not usually homicidal [grin]
oh unsually huh
tehehe =)
yeah it was a bad typo there...