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-walks in out of the rain- [02 Jul 2002|04:32am]

had a long night of thinking... i miss you guys alot.. that's what i figured out
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[10 May 2002|10:07am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

i miss my girlies =(

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sorry if anyone feels left out by this... [19 Apr 2002|03:33am]

anyone thunk of anything good and Phantomy?
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Meet up [19 Apr 2002|12:39am]

Since the LJ bash for Tejas seems to be getting near, yet some don't feel the need to go to it due to certain people or whatnot, which is respectable. I propose this. WE have our own meetup. Sametime as the LJ meetup, but in a a place WE feel more for US. A place we call OUR OWN. Yeah, the LJers of the Tejas world can have their fun where they all meet and greet each other, and that is that.

But I say WE have our OWN little gathering. FUCK the norm. AND fuck those we don't care to see. We have our circle, and a big one it is. Spread the word. Let's make it our own encounter.

Good friends, good people, Good times like I always say.

Let's do this shit up OUR way, TEJAS TRIO style.

Ladies of the TRIO, I leave it to you.
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[10 Apr 2002|02:32pm]



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[16 Mar 2002|05:13pm]

You know... I haven't heard from one of the trio in quite awhile...
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:/ [16 Mar 2002|12:40am]

[ mood | sad ]

goodbye to the three ladies of tx who i adore so much.
DVS i hope things get better for you hun, your always in my thoughts, and ill never forget you:::muah:::
KASIO same goes for you too sweetie, ill always be your "crazy mofo" hehe;) your angelic face will be hard to forget if i even do that:::muah:::
and SONI; the times weve talked ive enjoyed very much.
every time i talked to you it seemed to make my day that much better hun, i hope things work out for you as well sexy;) :::muah::: i love and care for all three of yall. im glad to have met yall and hope that we all can stay in touch, somehow, someway, heh. but please...read my post. thanks and always a slave-robby j.(BONES)

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[14 Mar 2002|01:44am]

[ mood | drained ]

(((((((HUGE HUGS FOR EACH))))))))
yall own me, yes yall do;)

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bwah ha ha ha [10 Mar 2002|04:59pm]

i had drinks and unique conversations with the trio last night...and my head ended up between somones legs... take that for whatever you want
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[27 Feb 2002|01:00am]

I am going to miss my trio. My little Charlies Angels, hehe. All three of you have been so sweet to me. I promise to keep in touch, for sure.
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[23 Feb 2002|05:17pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I need my girls right now.... just to take me away...

i've just made saturday my day to post in all my communities [23 Feb 2002|04:55pm]

soooo howdy to the ladies of the trio.. all three of them sexy as can be... yes i am sucking up to trio...
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:::blushes::: [23 Feb 2002|11:48am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

i feel loved:))))))
im glad i met all 3 of you lovely ladies and would like to party with yall soon. :::bows down on one knee and hands each of you a flower;):::

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[22 Feb 2002|03:31pm]

[ mood | amused ]

goddam finally! thought i was goin fuckin crazy [grin]

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[22 Feb 2002|12:45pm]

I love you guys too! *muah*
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[22 Feb 2002|11:44am]

[ mood | loved ]

love you girls :)
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